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I am gratefully aware that my child is basically the best! ( I always say we got lucky lol) He’s always so happy, he’s independent, he’s sweet, smart, the list goes on. But let me remind you.. We have our moments.

Today was one of those days. Josh had to work so it was just me and my Tot. These days are bitter sweet. I hate that we’re missing out on family time but I love my quality time with Tatum. I had a few things I wanted to get done quickly while Tatum was eating so I put him in his lounger and started piddling around the house (in the same room). I hear him starting to grunt, it’s about to go down! He pauses to finish eating, grunts, eats, grunts, eats.. At this point I’ve given up on trying to see if he’s ready to be changed. Five minutes later.. BAM!! explosion! Poop was EVERYWHERE! All I could do was laugh… I stripped him down and ran his naked hiney to the tub all while praying he doesn’t pee on me. We both enjoyed a good laugh out of this wild moment. Earlier that morning I had applied my self tanner and figured this would be the perfect time for me to shower considering I was already soaked. I put him in his bouncer in the bathroom with me, midway through my shower he starts losing it, he’s over it and wants out now! I tried for a few minutes to try to get him to be patient just a little longer (Hey buddy! It’s ok.. Mama just needs one more minute) but he WAS NOT having it. Fine! I jump out (water still running) make a barricade with all of the dirty clothes I have piled on the floor to be washed and strategically place him right dead center. This seriously bought me an extra 10 mins in the shower. Praise Jesus!! Thank god for sports bras!

Even when these little moments keep piling on you emotionally throughout the day try to think outside of the box and get a little laugh out of the situation. Because really it’s just not that serious, he won’t be this little forever, unfortunately (insert crying face) and we’ll get through it. And honestly if that’s the worst thing that happens to us today then we’re doing alright.


The half washed mama

P.s. I almost posted his explosion picture, you’re welcome. : )

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I had to! lol

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