Home Decor Essentials | How To

Before I became a mother willing able to admit she is obsessed with her child, I had another obsession.. Actually… let me stop lying. I STILL have an obsession with HOME DECOR which feeds into my passion for finding a good deal.

I truely believe that you can find beautfil things for your home and body without breaking the bank. I’m going to walk you through a few of my favorite things that are a MUST HAVE in my home. These pieces are great all year round because they can accomedate all of the seasons.

Tip #1: Go Green

Whatever space you are choosing to decorate add touches of greenery. It truly brings life to the room. Whether it be faux or real, either way it’s beautfil. The first picture below is our half bath. Without the plant this wall still looked completely empty. After adding a small potted plant from TjMaxx it 100% made a huge difference and only cost me $7.99.

Second is our master and handsome little boy Tatum : ). Notice that everything is very neutral to give a bright a clean look but in the corner I’ve added some flowers to give a more earthy feel and bring a little bit of the outisde in. Pay close attention to the remaing photos. You’ll see that each space has something similar.

Half Bath: Frames are from Wal-Mart, plant is TjMaxx
Master: Grey bedding, White quilt and MIrrors are all TjMaxx

Tip #2: Mix old and new

I love vintage pieces! Especially if they’ve been passed down in our families. There’s something about having a piece of your family’s history thoughout the house to really make it feel like home. It’s like they are there with you and constantly reminding you of their love even though they arn’t physically present. The picture below is an example of how I used our hutch to house some of my husbands grandmothers tea cups and my grandmothers pink candy dish. Mix some of the old with the new and it really starts to come together and become your own.

Tip #3: Who says?

I absolutely love baskets. I have them in our laundry room, pantry, linen closet and also use them in our livingroom to store Tatum’s toys. Baskets are great for numerous things especially to hide things in… But… why limit them… ya know? I’ve collected several cute pieces from numerous places (Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Tjmaxx etc.) just so I could take them home and hang them on my wall. Be creative, if you find something you love use it for whatever you like. Vase? use it to put a candle in… cute piece of pottery? use it to store your pens in your office.. whatever works for you girl! Do your thing!

Front Entry: Basket and Greenery are fromTjMaxx, Hat is Amazon
Baskets are from Tjmaxx and Etsy, Blanket is from
Pier 1

Tip #4: Stick with your color scheme

I love neutrals! Not only because it’s a clean look..but also because it’s versatile. I can keep all of my major decor (i.e. curtains, furniture and statement pieces) and switch out my accessories for each season. Find what you like and stick with it. Consistency will give your home balance as well as a nice flow. All of my rooms are different but stick within the same theme. Neutral with pops of color. For example: our livingroom is grey with shades of yellow and navy. The foundation is there which gives me room to tweak it throughout the year.

These are just a few tips to get you started. Please feel free to comment with any questions. Also, be sure to follow me on IG @leannamichellestu and check out my website LeannaMichelle.com to see my Youtube video on this same topic. I also have facebook and a Amazon favorites page that I store all of my fashion and home decor finds. Please be sure to Subscribe to my Youtube and Blog to get notifications of future post. Love ya’ll


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