Become Who You Are Meant To Be

How do we ever know what we’re meant to be? Is there some kind of palm reader for this? Am I pursuing the path that is mine?

Our Wedding Day
October 14th 2017

Lately, since I’ve started blogging I don’t catch my self asking these questions as often. Before I met my husband and we had our son I felt like I had fallen into a rut. Get up, go to work, come home.. Get up, go to work, come home.. repeat, repeat, repeat. I was bored! Surely there is more to life than this!? God wants me to do more! right!?

I still work but I feel like my life is so much bigger outside of the office. I have such a big imagination, I have my creativity and aspirations. I want to make the best of this life and enjoy it for all that it has to offer. We only get one, why not live it to the fullest?

I don’t think we ever really know exactly who we are meant to be but I do believe that when we find things that truly make us happy and surround ourselves with them then things will just begin to fall in place. We may not understand what’s happening in the moment or why but I’d like to think if we keep moving forward one day our dreams will turn into a reality.

When I look at my son he constantley reminds me not to give up, keep pushing forward and follow my heart. Something tells me bigger things will happen. I want to be financially stable, I want him to have new experiences and learn things. Most of all, I want to be with him when he does it. Every morning when I drop him off at his sitters my heart is on pause until we’re able to be together again. All I can think is “I’m losing all of this time with him”.

Novemeber 11th 2018

I say we follow our dreams and we start now! If you’ve been wanting to open your own business, go for it! If you want to be a designer, do it! what’s stopping us?! We have to believe in ourselves even if no one else will. Let’s not look back on life one day and think “I wish I would’ve done more”. I will not give up. I’ll continue to speak greatness into my future in the hopes of one day being exactly wear I want to be. I’m grateful for my many blessings, I’ll continue to push to enjoy them more often.


One motivated mama

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