Make Time to Take Time

As a woman who struggles with anxiety the most valuable thing I have learned is to take time for myself, do the things that make my spirit happy. Listening to your body and your mind are one of the greatest things you can do to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy.

I dabbled in yoga here and there while I was pregnant, the stretching is amazing for your body while it’s going through so many changes. It’s also known to help with delivery. I eventually became so big that I could no longer enjoy it and finally gave it up. However, I enjoyed yoga for the mindset and release of time. The long stretches and deep breathing makes you feel so at peace, even if it’s just for 20 mins or an hour. While I was unable to practice physical yoga I moved onto Yoga Nidra to help me fall asleep ( if you have anxiety you know what I mean). Also, if you don’t know what this is I highly recommend you try it, you can find tons on Youtube. You may feel a little weird at first but try to embrace it. It works!

Any who, about a month ago I was at TjMaxx (imagine that) while I was there I met one of my LM’s (one of my followers). She mentioned that she had just left her yoga class and that I should give it a try. I was so excited because I had heard great things about Feel Better Yoga and had been wanting to go but could never find the time. Fast forward to a few weeks later and here we were doing a deep stretch hot yoga class and trust me when I tell you it was fantastic! The atmosphere was great! (I’m big on this..). When you walk in everything just feels so natural and earthy.. there are plants, candles, cute shirts, mats, you name it they’ve got it. I will also say, my favorite part of the decor were the inspirational quotes all along the walls, so no matter where you look there is a constant reminder of how amazing you are.

The actual class was also amazing, as well as the instructor, Caity. She was great to explain the next move and also walks around the room to help you if need be. Once the class was over you’re able to lay on your mat with a cold lavender scented cloth that she provides and relax until you’re ready to take on the remainder of the day. P.s. the music is awesome! The room was 92 degrees so be sure to bring water and sweat cloth, I also took my own mat but don’t worry if you left something at home.. they have all of your must haves.

During the class I totally gave in and embraced it. I left feeling relaxed and refreshed! No phone, no conversations . . just me.. and it was GREAT! And Bonus! I made a new friend! I will most definitely being going back and look forward to trying something new at home to add back into my routine post baby. Go check out to find a class that will work best for you! I highly recommend! Tell them Leanna Michelle sent you.

If you are unable to make it to a class and want to try something at home. Go to a quite room, find a video on Youtube, light a candle and try it out. Start with a beginners. Let me know what you think.

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