Become Who You Are Meant To Be


How do we ever know what we’re meant to be? Is there some kind of palm reader for this? Am I pursuing the path that is mine?

Our Wedding Day
October 14th 2017

Lately, since I’ve started blogging I don’t catch my self asking these questions as often. Before I met my husband and we had our son I felt like I had fallen into a rut. Get up, go to work, come home.. Get up, go to work, come home.. repeat, repeat, repeat. I was bored! Surely there is more to life than this!? God wants me to do more! right!?

I still work but I feel like my life is so much bigger outside of the office. I have such a big imagination, I have my creativity and aspirations. I want to make the best of this life and enjoy it for all that it has to offer. We only get one, why not live it to the fullest?

I don’t think we ever really know exactly who we are meant to be but I do believe that when we find things that truly make us happy and surround ourselves with them then things will just begin to fall in place. We may not understand what’s happening in the moment or why but I’d like to think if we keep moving forward one day our dreams will turn into a reality.

When I look at my son he constantley reminds me not to give up, keep pushing forward and follow my heart. Something tells me bigger things will happen. I want to be financially stable, I want him to have new experiences and learn things. Most of all, I want to be with him when he does it. Every morning when I drop him off at his sitters my heart is on pause until we’re able to be together again. All I can think is “I’m losing all of this time with him”.

Novemeber 11th 2018

I say we follow our dreams and we start now! If you’ve been wanting to open your own business, go for it! If you want to be a designer, do it! what’s stopping us?! We have to believe in ourselves even if no one else will. Let’s not look back on life one day and think “I wish I would’ve done more”. I will not give up. I’ll continue to speak greatness into my future in the hopes of one day being exactly wear I want to be. I’m grateful for my many blessings, I’ll continue to push to enjoy them more often.


One motivated mama

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Make Time to Take Time

As a woman who struggles with anxiety the most valuable thing I have learned is to take time for myself, do the things that make my spirit happy. Listening to your body and your mind are one of the greatest things you can do to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy.

I dabbled in yoga here and there while I was pregnant, the stretching is amazing for your body while it’s going through so many changes. It’s also known to help with delivery. I eventually became so big that I could no longer enjoy it and finally gave it up. However, I enjoyed yoga for the mindset and release of time. The long stretches and deep breathing makes you feel so at peace, even if it’s just for 20 mins or an hour. While I was unable to practice physical yoga I moved onto Yoga Nidra to help me fall asleep ( if you have anxiety you know what I mean). Also, if you don’t know what this is I highly recommend you try it, you can find tons on Youtube. You may feel a little weird at first but try to embrace it. It works!

Any who, about a month ago I was at TjMaxx (imagine that) while I was there I met one of my LM’s (one of my followers). She mentioned that she had just left her yoga class and that I should give it a try. I was so excited because I had heard great things about Feel Better Yoga and had been wanting to go but could never find the time. Fast forward to a few weeks later and here we were doing a deep stretch hot yoga class and trust me when I tell you it was fantastic! The atmosphere was great! (I’m big on this..). When you walk in everything just feels so natural and earthy.. there are plants, candles, cute shirts, mats, you name it they’ve got it. I will also say, my favorite part of the decor were the inspirational quotes all along the walls, so no matter where you look there is a constant reminder of how amazing you are.

The actual class was also amazing, as well as the instructor, Caity. She was great to explain the next move and also walks around the room to help you if need be. Once the class was over you’re able to lay on your mat with a cold lavender scented cloth that she provides and relax until you’re ready to take on the remainder of the day. P.s. the music is awesome! The room was 92 degrees so be sure to bring water and sweat cloth, I also took my own mat but don’t worry if you left something at home.. they have all of your must haves.

During the class I totally gave in and embraced it. I left feeling relaxed and refreshed! No phone, no conversations . . just me.. and it was GREAT! And Bonus! I made a new friend! I will most definitely being going back and look forward to trying something new at home to add back into my routine post baby. Go check out to find a class that will work best for you! I highly recommend! Tell them Leanna Michelle sent you.

If you are unable to make it to a class and want to try something at home. Go to a quite room, find a video on Youtube, light a candle and try it out. Start with a beginners. Let me know what you think.

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Home Decor Essentials | How To

Before I became a mother willing able to admit she is obsessed with her child, I had another obsession.. Actually… let me stop lying. I STILL have an obsession with HOME DECOR which feeds into my passion for finding a good deal.

I truely believe that you can find beautfil things for your home and body without breaking the bank. I’m going to walk you through a few of my favorite things that are a MUST HAVE in my home. These pieces are great all year round because they can accomedate all of the seasons.

Tip #1: Go Green

Whatever space you are choosing to decorate add touches of greenery. It truly brings life to the room. Whether it be faux or real, either way it’s beautfil. The first picture below is our half bath. Without the plant this wall still looked completely empty. After adding a small potted plant from TjMaxx it 100% made a huge difference and only cost me $7.99.

Second is our master and handsome little boy Tatum : ). Notice that everything is very neutral to give a bright a clean look but in the corner I’ve added some flowers to give a more earthy feel and bring a little bit of the outisde in. Pay close attention to the remaing photos. You’ll see that each space has something similar.

Half Bath: Frames are from Wal-Mart, plant is TjMaxx
Master: Grey bedding, White quilt and MIrrors are all TjMaxx

Tip #2: Mix old and new

I love vintage pieces! Especially if they’ve been passed down in our families. There’s something about having a piece of your family’s history thoughout the house to really make it feel like home. It’s like they are there with you and constantly reminding you of their love even though they arn’t physically present. The picture below is an example of how I used our hutch to house some of my husbands grandmothers tea cups and my grandmothers pink candy dish. Mix some of the old with the new and it really starts to come together and become your own.

Tip #3: Who says?

I absolutely love baskets. I have them in our laundry room, pantry, linen closet and also use them in our livingroom to store Tatum’s toys. Baskets are great for numerous things especially to hide things in… But… why limit them… ya know? I’ve collected several cute pieces from numerous places (Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Tjmaxx etc.) just so I could take them home and hang them on my wall. Be creative, if you find something you love use it for whatever you like. Vase? use it to put a candle in… cute piece of pottery? use it to store your pens in your office.. whatever works for you girl! Do your thing!

Front Entry: Basket and Greenery are fromTjMaxx, Hat is Amazon
Baskets are from Tjmaxx and Etsy, Blanket is from
Pier 1

Tip #4: Stick with your color scheme

I love neutrals! Not only because it’s a clean look..but also because it’s versatile. I can keep all of my major decor (i.e. curtains, furniture and statement pieces) and switch out my accessories for each season. Find what you like and stick with it. Consistency will give your home balance as well as a nice flow. All of my rooms are different but stick within the same theme. Neutral with pops of color. For example: our livingroom is grey with shades of yellow and navy. The foundation is there which gives me room to tweak it throughout the year.

These are just a few tips to get you started. Please feel free to comment with any questions. Also, be sure to follow me on IG @leannamichellestu and check out my website to see my Youtube video on this same topic. I also have facebook and a Amazon favorites page that I store all of my fashion and home decor finds. Please be sure to Subscribe to my Youtube and Blog to get notifications of future post. Love ya’ll


Today I made the bed | Among other things

Picture this.. you’ve been super busy for weeks, all you want is just one day to be home and do nothing. I know, wishful thinking.

This was the day. The day I would get up, actually shower then get right back into my jammies and do nothing but relax and piddle all day. Well . . I made one HUGE mistake .. I made my bed.

“If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed. If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task, and another, and another. – Admiral William H. McRaven

Now I’m sure you know exactly what happened next. . Mom mode kicked in .. “Oh! The bed looks nice, maybe I’ll put the flowers over here. Oh! That looks nice! Maybe I should dust. . You know what.. I should go clean the kitchen, wash Tatum’s clothes, pack his bag for tomorrow, meal prep, do a workout, fold said clothes” (heh heh heh – me breathing heavily). Then when you finally stop for just a second because your stomach has turned into a grizzly bear ready to attack if you don’t feed it. You realize how much you have achieved and even though you didn’t do the one thing you set out to do (nothing) you feel like you’re unstoppable.

In the end. Don’t be disappointed in the turn events, make the best of them (if possible). Today I was a wife, a mom, I was me and most of all I was super woman. Heyoo!


One Tired Mother

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What Next | Mama Needs A Minute

I am gratefully aware that my child is basically the best! ( I always say we got lucky lol) He’s always so happy, he’s independent, he’s sweet, smart, the list goes on. But let me remind you.. We have our moments.

Today was one of those days. Josh had to work so it was just me and my Tot. These days are bitter sweet. I hate that we’re missing out on family time but I love my quality time with Tatum. I had a few things I wanted to get done quickly while Tatum was eating so I put him in his lounger and started piddling around the house (in the same room). I hear him starting to grunt, it’s about to go down! He pauses to finish eating, grunts, eats, grunts, eats.. At this point I’ve given up on trying to see if he’s ready to be changed. Five minutes later.. BAM!! explosion! Poop was EVERYWHERE! All I could do was laugh… I stripped him down and ran his naked hiney to the tub all while praying he doesn’t pee on me. We both enjoyed a good laugh out of this wild moment. Earlier that morning I had applied my self tanner and figured this would be the perfect time for me to shower considering I was already soaked. I put him in his bouncer in the bathroom with me, midway through my shower he starts losing it, he’s over it and wants out now! I tried for a few minutes to try to get him to be patient just a little longer (Hey buddy! It’s ok.. Mama just needs one more minute) but he WAS NOT having it. Fine! I jump out (water still running) make a barricade with all of the dirty clothes I have piled on the floor to be washed and strategically place him right dead center. This seriously bought me an extra 10 mins in the shower. Praise Jesus!! Thank god for sports bras!

Even when these little moments keep piling on you emotionally throughout the day try to think outside of the box and get a little laugh out of the situation. Because really it’s just not that serious, he won’t be this little forever, unfortunately (insert crying face) and we’ll get through it. And honestly if that’s the worst thing that happens to us today then we’re doing alright.


The half washed mama

P.s. I almost posted his explosion picture, you’re welcome. : )

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I had to! lol

Mommy Anxiety | Truth

The truth is I have anxiety. . + a child.

I realized and finally came to terms with it a few years ago. But truthfully, no one tells you how much more intense your anxiety gets when you have a baby! Seriously! I thought I was nuts then, try me now. I’m a first time mom to the sweetest little boy, Tatum. He is currently 8 months and will be 9 in just a few short weeks (oh my goodness!).

He goes to sleep, I worry. He eats, I worry. He plays, I worry. God for bid he leave my sight. Sometimes I think ” that’s it sign me up for the loony bin I’ve gone crazy!”. But what else should I be feeling? He’s my child, I’m his mother and god chose me to protect him. If you’re a new mom and you’ve experienced the same feelings just know that you are not alone. I’m right there with you girlfriend! I’d like to think it will get easier but let’s just be honest.. we can kiss that dream goodbye!

Hang in there mamas! The best we can do is hug our babies a little tighter, give them a few extra kisses and pray we’re strong enough not to go cry in the closet when he gets his first booboo.


The Over Protective Mom

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